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Trap designed to capture the red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and Rhynchophorus palmarum.

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OMDF register number (Ministry of Agriculture of Spain) 109/2014

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It is a wet trap that is used, together with pheromones and kairomones for the detection and monitoring of the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and Rhynchophorus palmarum.

The trap holds a volume of 7.5 litres.  It is made of three easily adjustable parts, a base, a lid and a special hanger to hang the diffusers.  The frustoconical shape of the base of the trap is red and has 4 perpendicular holes with measurements of 3 x 7 cm, so that the insects can enter easily. 

The lid is also red and has 2 other entrance holes with measurements of 3 x 7 cm.  In addition, it is provided with a special hanger to hang the diffuser attractant RHYNCHONEX® ATTRACTANTS KIT.

The trap includes a rhombus-shaped plastic mesh, which is specially designed to simulate the roughness of the trunk of the palm tree.  This makes it easier for the Red Palm Weevils to enter the trap.


The trap should be placed half-buried up to the entrance holes to facilitate entry for the insects walking towards it, and preferably set in the shade. 

The trap is activated by hanging the diffusers RHYNCHONEX PHEROMONE AND RHYNCHONEX KAIROMONE from the lid hanger, on the inside of the trap and filling the base with water up to 4cm below the side windows. 


Check the traps weekly or every two weeks, removing the captured insects and refilling with water if necessary.

It is not advisable to use wet traps in the natural environment, as wild animals such as boars or foxes very often lift the traps up.  In case of not being able to use the buried RHYNCHONEX® traps, it is recommended to use the CROSSTRAP® MINI trap.


The traps should be active all year round. 


Place 1 to 3 traps per hectare.

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OBSERVATIONS: This product is sold in boxes of 30 units, but through the online store you can buy the ones you need without having to buy a box.


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