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Insertable sticky sheets can also be placed inside.

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Delivery in 24/48 hours for orders to Mainland Spain.

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The trap is made of a white PET sheet that is 0.3mm thick.  The central part inside the trap is covered with a layer of contact glue (without solvents) for trapping the insects.  The inside is protected by a sheet of silicone paper.  The trap is provided with a hanger and has holes in the corners to hang it once it has been folded.

The trap is displayed unfolded, measuring 47.5 x 25cm.  Once folded, it takes the shape of a triangular prism, with measurements of 10 x 20 x 25cm (height x width x depth).

Insertable sticky sheets can be placed inside this trap.  When the central part of the trap is saturated with insects, sticky sheets can be inserted on top of the base (ECONEX SHEET FOR TRIANGULAR 1 UNIT, Code: TA248), to be able to reuse the trap and prolong its shelf life.

The trap does not include the pheromone diffuser.

TRAP ASSEMBLY: Fold the trap along the dotted lines, without inserting the upper tab. Remove the siliconised paper sheet. Insert the upper tab into the slot to fix the shape of the trap and place the hanger.

ACTIVATION OF THE TRAP: Place the pheromone diffuser in the sticky part of the trap (where it will remain fixed by the glue) and hang the trap at the same height as the crops.  It can be hung from trees or a support can also be used.


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