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The CROSSTRAP® XYLOFAGOS WITH DRY COLLECTION CUP trap is a trap designed especially for the capture of insects that walk on the barks of trees, capable of adapting to the perimeter of the tree trunk due to its flexible funnel...

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OMDF register number 090/2015

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The CROSSTRAP® XYLOFAGOS WITH DRY COLLECTION CUP trap is a trap designed especially for the capture of insects that walk on the barks of trees, capable of adapting to the perimeter of the tree trunk due to its flexible funnel.

The trap consists of a soft funnel that is 30 cm in diameter, connected to the collection cup. On the side of the trap, in contact with the tree, a cellular polypropylene sheet is placed and folded in the shape of a vertical cover.  The trap is fixed to the tree with two nylon cords.  The lower cord holds the trap and joins together the cellular polypropylene sheet and the funnel through a series of perforated holes and grooves in the cellular polypropylene sheet. The upper cord is used to maintain the sheet attached to the tree.

The cellular polypropylene sheet also has drilled lateral holes to hang the attractants, such as ECONEX CERAMBYX 60 DAYS.


The sheets, funnel and collection cup are treated with a slippery film to significantly increase captures and prevent the pests from escaping.

The dry collection cup has approximately a 2 litre capacity (12,5 cm diameter x 19 cm height) and is provided with a stainless steel mesh that drains away rainwater 100% and provides excellent air circulation for dry (live) captures.


POSITIONING AND USE:  Choose a part of the tree that is straight enough with no branches or large knots.  Allow maximum contact of the funnel and the cellular polypropylene sheet with the surface of the tree.  Hang at a height of 120 cm.

Fit the grooves of the sheet to the side of the funnel.  Allow enough cord length to go around the outside of the tree and tie in a very tight knot.  Before making the final knot, make sure there are no gaps in the area of contact between the funnel and the bark of the tree.  Take this moment to adjust the sheet into the shape of a vertical cover, as indicated in the photograph.

Once the lower cord has been tied properly, push the upper cord through the upper holes of the sheet, adjusting it well to stop it from separating from the tree.


The trap is activated once the ECONEX CERAMBYX 60 DAYS attractant diffuser is hung in a hole on one of the sheets, with the clips provided.

Remove the trap once the capture period has finished to avoid any incidences with the auxiliary fauna.

TRAP MEASUREMENTS: The unfolded trap measures 33 cm diameter and 88 cm high.  To make transporting the trap easier, the trap is packed away with the sheets separated and the funnel folded.

OBSERVATIONS: This product is sold in boxes of 20 units, but through this virtual store you can buy the ones you need without having to buy a box.


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