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Sexual pheromone diffuser for the biocontrol of the species Lobesia botrana to attract males, with a duration of 60 days in normal field conditions.

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Target pest Lobesia botrana
Common name of the target pest European grapevine moth
Duration in the field 60 days

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Lobesia botrana is perhaps the most important pest of vineyard cultivation in our country. It is also known as grape worm, spinner, etc.

With the ECONEX LOBESIA BOTRANA 2 MG 60 DAYS sex pheromone diffuser, the males of the species are attracted. It lasts in the field for 60 days.

The larvae cause damage to the grains by penetrating inside them to feed on them. The most important damage is caused by the larvae of the 2nd and 3rd generation due to the wounds they open in the fruits, which are entry routes for cluster rot (especially Botrytis) that can be very serious.


The number of generations can be 2 in regions with a cooler climate and 3 in Mediterranean and southern regions, although it can vary depending on the climate of each year. For the correct treatment of Lobesia botrana, monitoring the pest with the use of the ECONEX LOBESIA BOTRANA 2 MG 60 DAYS pheromone diffuser is recommended to detect in time the moment to start controlling the insect.


For detection and monitoring we will use 1 to 3 traps per hectare, placed at the height of the crop. To carry out exhaustive monitoring, the number of traps per surface is increased, depending on the situation and homogeneity of the plots.


ECONEX LOBESIA BOTRANA 2 MG 60 DAYS is a capsule-shaped natural rubber diffuser, individually packaged in an aluminum sachet with specifications label. Once removed from the container, the diffuser does not need any activation operation, just be properly placed in the trap.


The diffusers should be kept in their original packaging and in a refrigerator at 4°C; or in the freezer at -18 OC, in which case they will remain valid for 2 and 4 years respectively, away from food and drinks.


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